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"Is the PST file related issues like slower performance, risky management and 2GB file size limitation troubling you?- If Yes, get Split PST Software here to resolve your troubles!!"

Split ANSI PST Files- Otherwise Ready to Face Data corruption !

  • PST Management and Related Issues - Email data in huge number creates problem most of the time and with the facility to split large PST files this concern can be resolved easily. This email management issues can be minimized by splitting PST file by date, size, year, or folder.
  • 2GB PST File Size and Related Issues - Split ANSI PST files so that the trouble of 2GB file size limitation will not affect the proper working of communication channel. The entire data from the PST file may be lost if the 2GB file size limitation is crossed and is not controlled.
  • Outlook Performance Rate and Related Issues - Bulkiness of files stored may create reduced working pace with Outlook and further create huge loss or even business downtime. To save your Outlook account from not being a victim of these kinds of issues then now itself split large PST files and maintain the proper rate of performance.

Compact PST data are always handy to manage and the reduced file size makes it easy for users to transfer PST data over the network- so now itself split PST files and access the most important data without any trouble anytime, anywhere you want.

Download Split PST Tool to Split Large Outlook PST Files !!

Get data friendly Split PST tool downloaded from here that can prove highly effective to split Unicode PST files or split ANSI PST files by keeping the data integrity of the original file intact. The peculiar facility that user can enjoy using the split PST software is that once the selected PST files get split then the newly created files can be accessed under MS Outlook completely independent of the original PST file.

The situation that worsens the Outlook PST management can be the result of many factors like: If you are using Outlook for a longer time than there are chances for the accumulation of huge data making the PST file grow larger in size crossing or approaching the 2GB limitation allowed for ANSI PST files. The PST file that is huge in size will always trouble user with issues of PST management and threat data loss all in a sudden, so it is always advised to maintain working pace with PST file adopting the way of split Outlook PST files with the Split PST tool.

Split PST Tool - Reason For Why Split Outlook PST Tool ?

What Make Split PST Software Uniquely Suitable to Split Outlook PST File Owing to Any Situation? – Along with the simple to understand and easy to carry out the process to Split PST files the ability of the tool to split corrupted as well as oversized PST files make it a complete package for Outlook users.

  • Split large PST files with the items as emails, calendar, journal, contacts, task etc.
  • Archive PST file can be split into numerous files without altering data content
  • Exact database or email properties can be retained by split large PST files
  • Numerous PST files can be created by split PST file process executed
  • Email folders inbox, sent items, deleted items like default/custom ones maintained
  • Split ANSI PST files or Split Unicode PST files- both possible with Split PST tool
  • Split Outlook PST files following options for customized PST management as:
    • Split Outlook PST by Date
    • Split Outlook PST by Year
    • Split Outlook PST by by Folder
    • Split Outlook PST by Size
  • Split PST software to split Outlook PST files bring the advance data manageability
  • After split large PST files processed files can be retrieved safely using Outlook
  • Resolves huge file size issues of the PST files quickly and reliably
  • Split Outlook PST files that are separately saved without losing the data integrity
  • Independent small sized PST files are created to provide ease of accessibility
  • Split Unicode PST files into multiple files and safely allow users to handle data

Step by Step Visualize - How to Split large PST file?

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Split PST information
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Free Download Split PST Tool to Split Outlook Files for Free!!

Get the free trial run of the Split PST software downloaded for free here. With the free version it is able to split Outlook PST files, no matter the need is to split ANSI PST files or Unicode PST files. Enjoy the unique opportunity to split large PST files for free with the limitation that first 50 items of each folder will be split into numerous files. User can select the mode of split Outlook PST files by folder to split the folder for free.

Activate Split PST Software with a Nominal Investment!!

Split PST software makes it all possible to split Outlook PST files in the most perfect way and with the activated version unlimited process to split PST is available using any of the modes to split PST files as, split by date, split by folder, split by year or split by size. Get numerous PST files with the selected data in them using the Split PST tool and once the huge PST file issue is solved, it becomes easier to work with the Outlook application with increased working speed as well as much space available to store more data.User can purchase full license version of Outlook split PST software at $49 for personnel key and $129 for bussiness key.

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What Our Clients Says's About the Software ?

quote Split PST software is very much satisfactory on the frontend and the technology fitted in it is probably very good because my PST file was very much safely split up and I did not experience any sort of data deletion or modification. Thanks a lot for the help! quote — Patrick, United States